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Selected Works

Selected Fashion + Portraiture works

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Archived Works

Archived Works / Portraiture + Fashion

Winter Storm 3 Photo by @SeanMicahStudio (

Winter Storm

Documenting the day after NYC was hit by winter storm “Nemo” / Documentary / Personal Work

Influenced by neoclassical painting, cinema (especially of the 1950s) and early turn-of-the-century photographic portraits.

Police Photo by @SeanMicahStudio (

We The People

A night of protests in New York City. We the people documents one of the first nights of the Black Lives Matter movement organized by college students in New York.

Coney Island Summer (Series) Photo by @SeanMicahStudio (

Coney Island

An afternoon walk about Coney Island

Allure of the Seas (Series) Photo by @SeanMicahStudio (

Holiday at Sea

6,000 people on the worlds largest cruise ship. A mix of romanticism and the start reality of spending a week at sea trapped with 6,000 passengers.